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Is Time Running Out?


Is your loved one getting older?


Is family history important to you?

Is their memory fading?


Do you want to have peace knowing their heritage story is recorded, preserved for generations?

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StoryHeritage helps families cherish the story of their heritage by filming documentary stories, told from the perspective of their aged loved ones so they can be remembered for future generations.

Because no family should have their beloved parent’s or spouse’s life stories be forgotten.

StoryHeritage was created so our parents and grandparents could tell their incredible life journey to share for our next generation.

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The StoryHeritage Process 


Schedule a Session

During our initial conversation, we will gather the information necessary to ask the right questions for your loved one. Every video we film is customized to your families needs, so they are always comfortable during the shoot.


Select a Package

The package you select determines the type of video we create. You can even customize your own.

Click here to view a list of our packages.


Leave It To StoryHeritage

Once we find a date that works for you and/or your loved one, we will come to them to record their life story.

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What Our Clients Say


“We were able to film ours with StoryHeritage quite a few years back, and we are grateful we did.

We are glad to have this done, since her stories were wonderful to hear from her perspective and the fact that we have it recorded has given us peace since she won’t be with us much longer.”

-Mike M.

“My mother who is now 97 and living in foster care does not have her memory now, so this video was done just at the right time because 2 months after this video was filmed she had a series of mini strokes which impaired her thinking and buried those beautiful memories which was captured on film.

What a beautiful legacy to leave me and my 4 siblings. I would highly recommend having StoryHeritage do the same for you.”

-Kathy I.


 StoryHeritage Sample

Since most of our StoryHeritage films contain personal information, we have compiled excerpts from four of our films.

Short excerpt from a highlight film

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Why Choose StoryHeritage?


When was the last time your parents told you their whole life story?

As our older loved ones age, the stories they have about their life may start to fade and slip away. These stories and memories are the foundations in the journey of their life – it’s what has led them to where they are, and they are the reason why we are here as their children and grandchildren.

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What’s My Investment?


We understand some may be hesitant in spending money on a StoryHeritage video, but what you get out of it is an investment in your family’s future.

Putting a price on remembering your loved one’s legacy is invaluable—since their legacy will continue on for generations to come through their philosophies and beliefs, their wisdom and principles.

StoryHeritage will help your future genealogy to remember where and who they came from—and the sacrifice and struggles in creating the family you now have.

Let them tell their story in a beautiful and enjoyable way, book a StoryHeritage session today.



StoryHeritage Personal Narrative

StoryHeritage Lovebirds

StoryHeritage Family Legacy

The StoryHeritage Personal Narrative package sits down with one of your family members and asks them a series of StoryHeritage questions to get the best stories from them.

The final product is a wonderful timeline of events, told from the perspective of your loved one.

This works best for an older adult whose spouse has passed.


The StoryHeritage Lovebirds package is a session where both spouses are filmed together to create some fun, touching and laughable moments!

The stories and conversation they have together while telling a story usually brings out the silly and loving moments they had in life. It’s also fun to hear who remembers certain stories best!

“That’s not what happened!”

“Yes it is!”

Great as a wedding anniversary present, especially for large parties to view.


The StoryHeritage Family Legacy interviews multiple members of your family individually. Once edited, we intertwine the story together, very much like a real documentary you would see on TV.

The Family Legacy documentary is a wonderful recount of a family’s history, and no one tells it better than those who lived through it.

This is the best package for creating a holistic representation of your entire family.

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Schedule a StoryHeritage Session

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StoryHeritage Frequently Asked Questions 


Interested In Becoming a StoryHeritage Filmmaker?

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Custom Packages


Some families want audio only with a slideshow. We can make that happen.

Some families also may have a sick child or relative who need to have a beautiful story told about them before they pass. We can make that happen as well.

Please contact us for a special quote regarding a custom package.